I want to wish each and every one of you a wonderful holiday weekend as you set out to celebrate our nation’s birth and independence.

Whether it’s hot dogs, chips and soda at the beach, a tour of a museum, a picnic with the family, or watching fireworks light the sky, I encourage you to take a moment to pause and reflect upon the blessings in your life – liberty, equality, and free will.

Independence is something that takes responsibility.

Many times we take independence for granted, and cannot comprehend the vast changes that would take place in our lives if those freedoms were suddenly in short supply.

How will you celebrate the independence and freedoms in your life? The freedom to live each moment with fulfillment and abundance? Sometimes the most liberating moments come when we’re willing to let go…to try again…to re-write the rules of our lives because we can. This is the freedom of choice.

The freedom of choice, the freedom to succeed, the freedom to fail, the freedom for the poorest of us to become among the richest of the world… these freedoms and so many more are what makes this the greatest nation on this planet.

Do I celebrate the Fourth of July as a special day – yes, but I celebrate every day of the year as Independence Day, because each and every day of the year I have the Independence to become more of who I want ME to be, not what someone sitting behind some desk hundreds of miles away thinks I should be.

Maybe I may not succeed in the manner I first set out to, but I will have succeeded at one thing: I will have found yet another way that does not work for what I am striving to achieve.

Happy Independence Day! Happy Birthday America the Beautiful!

Although Cobb County Georgia recently loosened the restrictions on non-related individuals living together, they still need to move further on this issue.

What with an ever tightening economy (with no real end in sight), Baby Boomers, Seniors, and even Millennials will be looking to this as a viable alternative to moving in with families, or out on to the street if they cannot afford the combined expenses of living alone or even with one other non-related person.

As the article states, attitudes of Baby Boomers toward what we visualize as our ‘retirement’ years are definitely different from those of our parents: we are generally not looking at retirement as a time to move to Florida, south Texas, or southwestern Arizona.

If we have the choice, we are choosing to stay close to where our children and grandchildren are.

Sadly though, some of us do not have that choice – due to the economic downturn, coupled with the loss of equity in our homes, there are a good lot of us who have to look to alternative housing options.

Yes, I understand the possible concerns some might have over having ‘fraternity houses’ around Kennesaw State University – look at the housing surrounding most any university and you will find some version of what is commonly referred to as a ‘student ghetto’. The housing there is usually just at or below the standard set by the city, and having lived in that setting many years ago – I would not choose to go back to it. In fact, a box under a bridge would be preferable to some of what there was out there then (and I really doubt that much has changed in all these passing years).

Yes, I would agree that this same quality of housing could come to exist through investors who buy into multi-bedroom apartment complexes and then warehouse people in so-called ‘Retirement’ or ‘Adult living’ complexes. Stringent policing and oversight would have to be in place in order that Cobb County not let these conditions evolve.

Retirement and Adult living facilities already exist in Cobb County and are generally fairly well policed by the city and health departments. Yes, I know that there are exceptions – there always will be. But this is not what ‘Golden Girls’ housing is meant to involve.

‘Golden Girls’ housing is primarily just what the term implies – a group of adults (be they women or men) go in together and buy or lease a house or apartment where they each have their own bedroom. They may have to share a bathroom, but that can be worked out between them.

Now, I will admit that a further easing of this regulation could result in more situations where eight to ten illegal alien individuals will move into the local extended stay hotel. This is already happening at a rampant rate and a new regulation will not do anything to stop it. That is something to be discussed in other forums and at another time.

O-kay… so now a Chinese helicopter has rescued the 52 ‘scientists’ that were aboard the ‘research ship Akademik Shokalskiy – yea!

The nightly news talking heads will be joyous in their rescue – yea!

Is it good that this ‘scientists’ will not have to suffer the fate of freezing in Antarctica? Yeah, it is, especially since they were there to measure and ‘prove’ that man-made global warming is going to destroy the planet within the next fifteen or twenty thousand years.

OH! You did not know that they were there to study ‘man-made’ global warming? Now how the h*** did you not know this – I mean, the plight of this expedition has been on the news EVERY SINGLE NIGHT? People the world over have been wringing their collective hands over these ‘researchers’ being trapped in the ice.

Well… it’s because this is the part of the story that the MSM did not want you to know.

Now… you may get upset because I am putting the terms scientist in single quotes – one is that these people are not actual SCIENTISTS. These are clowns who believed in their ‘global warming’ religion models instead of ACTUAL science. And they got their intolerant asses in a jam because of this belief in pseudo-science. Oh, you don’t like my mentioning their intolerance – how about this: if you don’t buy into their make-up-their-own-facts and discount anything that doesn’t fit their agenda, then they will attack and vilify you. Sounds more like a jihad than any intellectual discourse to me.

Maybe it’s all just another case of my believing that the essence of real science is SKEPTICISM.

Want to know something else that the MSM does NOT want you to know?

The Akademik Shokalskiy is NOT in real danger of sinking! Because it routinely goes into these very conditions, it is fitted with bow-thrusters that in situations like the one they are in, are used to keep the water churned up around the bow of the boat. This little trick keeps ice from forming and crushing the boat. One of the networks(and don’t ask me which one) inadvertently broadcast a piece of footage which showed the bow with no ice around it – OOPS!

So HURRAY!, YIPPEE! The ‘researchers’ are rescued!

What about the crew of the Akademik Shokalskiy? Oh, no worry, they are staying on board and going to wait till the ice thaws and go merrily on their way.

Happy New Year!

Happy 2014 New Year!

Happy 2014 New Year!

Wishing everyone a WONDERFULLY Happy New Year!

A personal note to each and everyone who helped make my 2013 the YEAR that it was – THANK YOU!

Looking forward to a good 2014! Let’s take to the Libs and educate America to the lies that are this regime!

And where will we begin, you ask. Hell if I have the slightest idea – there are just so-o-o-o many!

Kill the Republicans!

So now we have yet another glaring example of just how tolerant Liberals are!
“All Republicans should be put to death”.

Seems that a number on the right are highly incensed over what this mighty thinker of Georgetown University had to say. They should not be surprised: read ANY leftist blog or comments left by a Liberal(on just about ANY subject) and you will quickly see an undercurrent of “Republicans should not be allowed to have any say, whatever they do say should be deemed to be irrelevant, and ya know… Repugs should be done away with…”

Has anyone on the left stood up and denounced this great intellectual thinker for his call to exterminate (conservatively speaking) twenty percent of the population? **dead air** **dead air**

Now I thought that these high-minded individuals were tolerant of everyone(except those who disagree – then it’s ok to shout them down, or as a teacher I had in middle school believed “ridicule them until public sentiment turns against them and they shut up”. She used this tactic in her classroom to quell those who might question her… wanna guess which end of this stick I was on…?

Anyway, so here we have another glaring example of someone’s spounge wanting to bite the very hand that feeds him.

And just WHAT would happen if America were to put all the Republicans to death? Well, there would go this “Tolerant’ Liberal’s meal ticket, that’s what! It’s not like this leech will be out there making a real contribution.

Margaret Thatcher had this saying about “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”. Well, when you kill that group of citizens who are the ones really supporting the economy(it’s not like there are all that many Liberals who are), then who are these Socialists going to turn to for their handouts?

The Government? Wrong! The government won’t have any money because they allowed all those who were generating tax revenues to be killed!

Yeah, kill all the Republicans… but when you do, you had better learn how to quit cry-babying about what is being confiscated from others to satisfy you and learn to do a real day’s worth of work.

A wonderfully Tolerant Georgetown Liberal!

It’s the 4th of July! The day we, as a nation, celebrate our Independence. Over time it has become a day that has lost a lot of it’s true meaning: Independence from a tyrannical government, freedom to be who each of us are, freedom to live our individual dreams, and become whatever we choose. These principles and beliefs are what made this country strong, the bastion of freedom, and the hope of millions for themselves and their families and the land I love and proudly call home.


Just after my last post congratulating Mr. Biden on his showing at the Vice-Presidential debate against Paul Ryan I was informed that not all Liberals are as snarky, mean-spirited, and rude as he was in his appearance.

Well, I got to thinking about it: true, not ALL Liberals are rude, nasty, individuals who do not want, nor will tolerate any view but their own. There are the few who will allow you to voice your opinion without interrupting you, without shouting you down, and ridiculing both you and your opinion… but, I have to say that the other 99.99% of Liberals give these few people a very bad name.

Now, do not get me wrong: the Right has its share of vitriolic moments. Rush Limbaugh’s characterization of Sandra Fluke as a slut for her self-admitted promiscuous lifestyle(and let’s get real here for a minute – anyone, Liberal or Conservative that is having sex as much as she reported that she was… THAT is leading a very high-risk, and somewhat questionable lifestyle.) is one example.

Compare that to Sarah Palin being called a “dumb tw*t” and “c*nt” by Bill Maher, Ed Schultz’s rant on Laura Ingraham as a “right-wing slut”, Liberals constantly calling Tea-Party members “tea-baggers”, and I will NOT repeat any of the Left’s comments on Justice Clarence Thomas’ dissenting vote on the Obamacare individual mandate ruling. And do I REALLY have to remind anyone of how President Barack Obama comported himself in debates 2 and 3…?

So… you say that these comments are not indicative of how the common everyday Liberal thinks or acts… read the comments section of ANY article on anything in the news lately? After just a few comments you begin to see the venom start to flow.

And how do Liberals act towards those who oppose them and their views?

Does anyone remember the gay Black Tea Partyer SEIU activists harassed in Denver?
How about berating and beating a black man in a St. Louis suburb for exercising his right of free assembly and attempting to ask HIS elected representative to explain their position on pending legislation? And most recently – here’s one you probably will not see mentioned on the evening news either: a volunteer for the Wisconsin GOP House candidate Chad Lee, was hospitalized for injuries suffered during what he said was an assault at his home. Kyle Wood, was reportedly attacked and beaten by an allegedly fellow gay male for supporting and working for the Chad Lee campaign – it seems that same as blacks, gays are NOT allowed to stray from the Liberal reservation. The punishment is a good beatdown and warning that worse is yet to come if they don’t get back in the fold.

Now to take this down to a personal level: when was the last time you tried to engage a Liberal in a serious discussion of the issues? What was the result? After telling you about just how fair and open-minded they were, at the first hint of your dissenting opinion they quickly and not so calmly reverted to anger, followed closely by raising their voice to shout you down , explain how your views were completely without a whit of validity, and in a rare case or a dozen, telling you that you were an abject idiot for trusting anyone but Keith Olbermann for your news.

I remember an eighth grade teacher I had who believed in Saul Alinsky’s Radical Rule #5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.”. She was quick to proudly tell anyone who she did not like that “even if the person was right – ridicule them and they will shut up and when you make them shut up, other people who think like them will be afraid to say anything because they will not want to be made fun of too”.

I understand standing up for what you believe, but in no way does this allow you to shout your opponent down, tell them to be quiet, physically threaten, intimidate, or assault them because you do not want to hear their views. If I remember my history, that was the kind of thing that went on in Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Joseph Stalin’s USSR, Pol Pot’s Cambodia… should I go on to mention Fidel Castro’s post Batista Cuba, Mao’s China, Iran of today(where women are nothing more than chattel and homosexuality is a crime with only one sentence – death)?

Yeah, go on and tell me all about how tolerant Liberals are, and I will remind you of Ted Turner’s latest comment about how “it’s better that US soldiers are committing suicide than dying in war”, Samuel L. Jackson’s latest filth-ridden diatribe, or our President’s calling his opponent “a bullsh*tter”.

And most Liberals are proud of, and vehemently defend this behavior…


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